The Anti-Silicon Valley Investor: How to Find Success in Early Stage Startups with David Mandel

Many early-stage startups fail or become "zombies" after taking angel money. The investment thesis focuses on execution: building, selling, and finding people to pay for the product. David’s advice to founders: build it yourself, find a co-founder, go to an accelerator program. Startups outside of Silicon Valley were struggling to figure out how to raise funding. Southern California has great support for life sciences, social space, e-commerce direct-to-consumer brands, and entertainment.

Podcast Interview of David Mandel with Adam Gower, Ph. D. on GowerCrowd

David Mandel full podcast interview by Adam Gower, Ph.D. of the GowerCrowd Podcast

Investor Talk with David Mandel

David joins Massimilano Sulpizi on The Investor Talk Podcast.

UNCAGED with David Mandel

David joins Bant Breen on The Uncaged Show.

Storytime with David Mandel, Professional “Super Angel” Investor

David talks diversification in tech startups, the importance of having real estate in startup angel investors’ portfolio, and having fun investing in the future.

Investor Interview: David Mandel

David Mandel joins Unicorn Events for a chat about investing.

Technical products need technical founders

David Mandel, Board Member of Pasadena Angels and Managing Partner of Emerging Ventures Fund, talks to (JP) Jeffery Potvin on early stage investing, emerging tech, fund economics, and his investment process.

Trucking Tower Podcast Episode 28

David Mandel joins Andy Hedrick on the Trucking Tower Podcast to discuss tips for success and pitfalls to avoid in the world of venture capital.

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