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Tech Investing 101: Navigating Seed-Stage Ventures in the US and Canada

The "The Investor Talk" video series on EquityMatch features interviews with well-known investors. All people around the world will have access to this. The majority of its target market consists of ambitious business owners who are serious about looking for sources of seed investments to expand their enterprises. We believe that entrepreneurs will have a significant advantage in successfully starting their businesses if they know how to approach venture investors.

The case for venture investing, specifically in the Late-Seed stage

The pre-seed investor is taking a significantly higher risk without any significant reward. In careful review and analysis of both my angel portfolio and the fund’s portfolio, I developed a clear understanding that the best value in the current tech startup market is at the Seed stage and that pre-seed, in particular, in most cases, is not worthwhile, participating in. It’s best to have the discipline to wait and watch and then join in the eventual Seed round.

The Anti-Silicon Valley Investor: How to Find Success in Early Stage Startups with David Mandel

Many early-stage startups fail or become "zombies" after taking angel money. The investment thesis focuses on execution: building, selling, and finding people to pay for the product. David’s advice to founders: build it yourself, find a co-founder, go to an accelerator program. Startups outside of Silicon Valley were struggling to figure out how to raise funding. Southern California has great support for life sciences, social space, e-commerce direct-to-consumer brands, and entertainment.

Podcast Interview of David Mandel with Adam Gower, Ph. D. on GowerCrowd

David Mandel full podcast interview by Adam Gower, Ph.D. of the GowerCrowd Podcast

Investor Talk with David Mandel

David joins Massimilano Sulpizi on The Investor Talk Podcast.

UNCAGED with David Mandel

David joins Bant Breen on The Uncaged Show.


Investing in early-stage startups creating or using emerging technologies to provide better solutions which were previously not possible.

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